Monday, August 15, 2011

Visit to Arran - new youtube vlog

I've got a new vlog posted blogspotters.... check it!

Proper blog-ness to follow shortly!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holiday! And Win-Fail Chocolate!

First off - question of the day - is this a win or a fail?

I love the stuff since my intolerances kicked in and I can't deal with any milky stuff or my face looks like it's been introduced to a cheese grater. But nom nom nom... the salt with the bitter chocolate is nom-licious to me.

Well, first holiday in at least a year... so as of 5pm today - I'm off! Weee! I'll be off to Arran for a short holiday. Unfortunately Shug can't come with, but she can stay with Kai's dad and step-mum at home with the rest of the dogs... but I'll be back... with photos. Possibly even videos :D

So, speak to you when I get back!

Kthxbye! xx

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Lucky in the Face of Fail

I've had a pretty crappy week.

Not all completely rubbish, but both cars decided to not play game and this week was the first anniversary of dad passing away.

Dad was a brilliant dad... generous with his time not only with his family but really was a genuinely fantastic guy. Clearly I'm biased, but I miss him every day. I won't go on about it too much cos I wasn't really coming on to blog about that. I blogged about it in my super-secret-blog-diary that hopefully no-one will ever find or if they do, they hopefully won't figure out it's me. :S

Anyway, back to point... Failness... oh yeah.

So, day 1 of my week - Monday... $Mozilla_Thunderbird = 'fail'; in my language... I had a client that came on to get her emails sorted. Usually I'm great with tech support on the phone, even with the most impatient of tech supportee's... but someone had installed Mozilla Thunderbird on her machine. Just telling her the instructions for outlook/outlook express/windows live mail/entourage or any other half decent email client wasn't enough. Then when I installed it onto my machine... urgh... it just wasn't something I could zip through like other standard clients. Boooo! If you follow me through Google+, Twitter or Facebook, then you will have seen me moaning a little about it.

Tuesday was a buckle-down and work day... not much Google+ing - which seems to be my favourite hobby at the moment. At night, we went and visited our old mates Lew and Megan (and their toddler Olivia) I'm not sure exactly when the tyre decided to rip itself apart... but it did. Thankfully it wasn't on the motorway. This was my mega lucky-in-the-face-of-fail. So, the astra's parked up with the spare on until I can get to the garage to get a new tyre. That should be Monday.

Wednesday... the dreaded year anniversary of dad going... I pretty much stayed in the house... fearful of more fail.

The day started ok, got a chunk of work done, then I turned around to open the blinds, leaning over... I didn't realise my knee was on the power button of my machine... half an hours work down the pan with a hard reset... my poor machine! Then when I turned the machine back on, Dreamweaver had an error opening up and wouldn't stay open! DOH! I managed to fix it by deleting the cache file it was trying to open but failing... *phew*

Apart from to take the dog out. I did write a stupid geeky post for G+ - I posted it during the week - so, check out the last blogspot post.

Thursday - Started off fine at work... a couple tech support enquiries and helping Kai out with plugins for our content management system kContent. I had to take Nina to a meeting in Falkirk... got there fine, sat and waited for her to come out. When she came back, I turned the key for the car... and tick tick tick. *headwheel - oh crap!* turn... tick tick tick. Flat battery. Booo! So my big brother to the rescue. Thank goodness I've got a brother that'd drop stuff to come out and save me. I'm away I'm lucky again in the face of fail. I did have jump leads in the car - but I wasn't all that far from my brothers house and at least he was in.

So, post breaking down... I downloaded the Google Picasa application. I very nice wee piece of software that shows you the images on your machine and lets you upload tons of images to the google servers for use in and around the net.. all going towards that 'cloud' goal. If you haven't heard of cloud, it's an idea where you would be able to access documents; text, images, videos and applications from the internet... with the advancements in 3G technology (making things connect to the internet without being connected through a cable) this would allow things like mobile phones and laptops (and kindles etc... I'm not just throwing words at the page, honest) connect. Anyway, Picasa now has a nice wee section of my computer. I like being able to browse my photos grouped by person rather than the folder it's in. Also, I was blown away with the facial recognition technology. Slightly un-nerved by it, but impressed nonetheless.

So Friday was one of those days that just was interrupted. Any time I got into coding, the phone would go. Booo! Didn't get as much done as I wanted. Oh well... Oh and Shug managed to pounce and catch a mouse on a very short lead... I didn't know there was a mouse there until it squeaked in her mouth... I managed to get Shug to 'drop' and the mouse scurried away. *phew* Lucky mouse. Shug was a ratter on a farm before we got her. She was super at her job but had a litter of pups.

Friday night, my mum called on Skype... first time Skype user, she managed to sort out her mic settings (with a little help) and set up her video camera. My tech savvy mum's finally on Skype - huzzah! She did of course tell me to change what I was wearing because of too much cleavage *eyeroll*... but that's a mum thing. The thing about yawning being infectious is completely true... and transfers over video as well. We were making each other yawn constantly. Serves us right for talking until midnight.

Which takes us to today. I got some new boots for visiting the Isle of Arran at the end of the week. That's about it - but I'll be out to my mates house later. Hopefully nothing else fail-esque shall happen (currently touching wood)

Right, I'd better get at least half an hour work done before I need to head off again.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quite possibly the geekiest thing I'll post. Ever...

Quite possibly the geekiest post I will post all year... but I was bored... tea-making-a-la-partial-PHP-mySQL. I have coding on the brain.

$result = mysql_query("SELECT mug,teabag,goats_milk,teaspoon FROM kitchen_cupboard WHERE `owner`='dolidh'",$db) or die(mysql_error());
if (mysql_num_rows($result)) {
foreach (mysql_fetch_assoc($result) as $key => $value) {
$$key = $value;



Kai's found a way of over-riding my tea script for his own gains (so I make him a cup too).... he refreshed the page.... teascript V2 will include a mySQL check to check the datetime that it has actually been an hour since the last cup. Possibly a digestive biscuit include :P