Friday, September 23, 2011

Facebook New Lookness and google+ circleness

Facebook new look

OK, so I've had a little play around with the Developer App and been one of the lucky monkeys to see my new profile before they're launched properly.

I think the new profile is quite nice to look at, but super busy... which I suppose suits the facebook followers anyway who're hungrily looking for information on you.

I kinda like the double column thing and viewing images within the timeline lets me stay interested like a little kid.

Youtube preview image opens up to an embedded youtube video, just like on G+ - so it does the job.

I just really like the clean look at G+ though. Facebook is a bit cluttered, but I know so many people on there. Also, there are so many people on facebook that I knew and no-longer care to know well and chat to constantly... kinda like holding someone at arms length. I think Facebook will kinda stay that way for me really.

It's ok G+ *hugs* I ain't going anywhere... After all, I seem to be gaining more an more circlers... people circling me. Maybe people are actually wanting to see what I post or when I originally posted, I posted to Extended Circles since I really didn't have a clue...

There's a couple other ways so far to find new people, like getting listed in one of the G+ directories or maybe someone's just going on one of my friends and clicking on the View All >> on their who's circled and following everyone on there... that sounds a bit laborious. Loads of folk online have been wondering about it... I'll make a proper post when I can be bothered.. make it shiny with pictures! It's unlikely I'll get in the suggestions box any time soon. Really, I need to figure out how they're giving these suggestions before I do a post... some are obvious, cos there's already a mutual relationship there or postings are similar... I wonder if they work it out from the stuff on the about page. *ponders*