Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little bit of workness... Google and Taxonomy

So, for my normal followers, this post’ll probably never rate in a month of
Sundays, but it may interest some of my codey-followers and maybe even help a
few of them out - especially those having problems with clients in other
countries trying to use Google Merchant.

OK, when dealing with Google product type taxonomy, it seems that the only
link that seems to be out there for any sort of indication is the US link:
(US English)

This doesn’t really really help with us over in the UK, so my brother Andy
(kudos to him) decided to try to figure out if they had a British version… in
fact it’s Great British…. referred to in:

It’s there and it’s different than the US list (just check the bottom of
both. The US one has Vehicles & Parts, yet the UK finishes at Toys &

So I decided to poke the google server with a big stick (using details from
) and managed to come out with a wee list of taxonomy for different
languages/countries. Huzzah!

So, here’s the list that I came up with - you’ll need the character set
installed on your computer to be able to see them all without seeing
(UK English)
(US English)
(People’s Republic of China)

So, hopefully this’ll help a few people. Leave a comment if it’s helped you

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Film day!

So, twice in two days I have been called Repunzel. What’s with that?

Everly - Chris and Aimee’s wee one decided she loved my hair and proceeded to
try to get it for herself :P

Other than that, I’ve had a film-day today. Started off with Pirates of the
Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (the first one)… then Mr Deeds… I
*heart* that film… although I love just about anything Adam Sandler’s in (‘very
sneaky sneaky’). Then we went to the cinema to watch Bad Teacher… which had some
fairly funny bits - but wasn’t the funniest thing that’s been out this year (see
Hangover 2 for the funniest film so far).. Now we’ve got on Employee of the
Month. I’m now regretting that decision. But once we’ve finished with this, next
up is the pilot episode of Smallville.

I saw the link to this and didn’t really want to read too much into it -
- Nuff said.

Where’s Odlaw (the yellow-black jumper dude in Where’s Wally?)

Why do people have to hate on glasses…
As a spec-wearer myself… it’s not always possible to wear contacts all the time.
Especially when your job is to read stuff off an autocue - it’s pretty important
to be able to read the words. Stop the hating.

Right, that’s the extras done for Employee of the Month (which was better
than the film) - so I’m off to watch Smallville’s Pilot… whoop!

So, tìoraidh! xx

Friday, June 17, 2011

Uhhh... where'd the sun go?

Madainn mhath my fine blogger friends!

I've still got a bit of the sore throat from the stupid flu thing I had last week (Boo to the flu!)

Really I'm procrastinating... silly really - I have stuff to do, but my brain seems to be in park mode.

I'm looking forward to going a wee shopping jaunt with mum - usually a one-day event per year (on the run up to Christmas) but she asked if I would... so I will ^_^

Looking forward to seeing Green Lantern... (if I can convince Kai - that will happen tonight :P) Ryan Reynolds... *rwar*pounce*!

Anyone who's not been watching the news has missed the Alberta riots - hockey fans went crazy after a game... what's up with that? I thought the old firm games created hostility occasionally - but nothing on that scale.... as a relatively non-follower of either hockey or football, I don't really relate why it was send people crazy. Get it together people!

Here's one of the hundreds of links on the news sites about the violence...

On the other end of the scale, you can see why people are protesting over in Greece and why people are getting to the stage of lashing out - Stories like this: makes me feel appreciative that I've got a job and that I live in the UK.

Oh, and for those youtube geeks out there... they've brought back the Watched icon if you've seen stuff you've subscribed to or friends have liked... I kinda liked that feature... small, but informative. :)

Little update - Green Lantern tonight is on! Woot! Can't wait!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just cos Simon’s Cat must be mentioned and spread around the planet. :)

Getting back on the Blogger bandwagon

Hey guys,

It's been a mental few weeks where I've hardly talked to anyone, seen anyone or gone anywhere except for my office desk and bed.

I've not even had the brain capacity to read 'proper books for adults' and defaulted to the Percy Jackson series... which was brilliant - can't wait for the next in the series to come out in October.

I'm currently just starting Hard Bitten by Chloe Neill... the latest in the Chicagoland Vampires series. *hearts*

Other than that, in the background of the fog of constantly working... we finished all the box-sets of the modern Doctor Who's... and have almost caught up with the world with Eureka.

Kai went airsofting last night, so I was on my tod... so sat about playing games on Facebook (yes, it's come to that) and then read my book for a bit.

I want to find my Spore for PC disc... I'm sure I didn't throw it out and see if this work machine is up to playing it... I used to be able to sit for hours with that... or maybe I'll crack open Fallout New Vegas... Hmm..

Anyway... I'll be back... this time I mean it!

:P Love your faces. xx