Sunday, June 19, 2011

Film day!

So, twice in two days I have been called Repunzel. What’s with that?

Everly - Chris and Aimee’s wee one decided she loved my hair and proceeded to
try to get it for herself :P

Other than that, I’ve had a film-day today. Started off with Pirates of the
Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (the first one)… then Mr Deeds… I
*heart* that film… although I love just about anything Adam Sandler’s in (‘very
sneaky sneaky’). Then we went to the cinema to watch Bad Teacher… which had some
fairly funny bits - but wasn’t the funniest thing that’s been out this year (see
Hangover 2 for the funniest film so far).. Now we’ve got on Employee of the
Month. I’m now regretting that decision. But once we’ve finished with this, next
up is the pilot episode of Smallville.

I saw the link to this and didn’t really want to read too much into it -
- Nuff said.

Where’s Odlaw (the yellow-black jumper dude in Where’s Wally?)

Why do people have to hate on glasses…
As a spec-wearer myself… it’s not always possible to wear contacts all the time.
Especially when your job is to read stuff off an autocue - it’s pretty important
to be able to read the words. Stop the hating.

Right, that’s the extras done for Employee of the Month (which was better
than the film) - so I’m off to watch Smallville’s Pilot… whoop!

So, tìoraidh! xx

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