Friday, June 17, 2011

Uhhh... where'd the sun go?

Madainn mhath my fine blogger friends!

I've still got a bit of the sore throat from the stupid flu thing I had last week (Boo to the flu!)

Really I'm procrastinating... silly really - I have stuff to do, but my brain seems to be in park mode.

I'm looking forward to going a wee shopping jaunt with mum - usually a one-day event per year (on the run up to Christmas) but she asked if I would... so I will ^_^

Looking forward to seeing Green Lantern... (if I can convince Kai - that will happen tonight :P) Ryan Reynolds... *rwar*pounce*!

Anyone who's not been watching the news has missed the Alberta riots - hockey fans went crazy after a game... what's up with that? I thought the old firm games created hostility occasionally - but nothing on that scale.... as a relatively non-follower of either hockey or football, I don't really relate why it was send people crazy. Get it together people!

Here's one of the hundreds of links on the news sites about the violence...

On the other end of the scale, you can see why people are protesting over in Greece and why people are getting to the stage of lashing out - Stories like this: makes me feel appreciative that I've got a job and that I live in the UK.

Oh, and for those youtube geeks out there... they've brought back the Watched icon if you've seen stuff you've subscribed to or friends have liked... I kinda liked that feature... small, but informative. :)

Little update - Green Lantern tonight is on! Woot! Can't wait!

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