Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Holiday! And Win-Fail Chocolate!

First off - question of the day - is this a win or a fail?

I love the stuff since my intolerances kicked in and I can't deal with any milky stuff or my face looks like it's been introduced to a cheese grater. But nom nom nom... the salt with the bitter chocolate is nom-licious to me.

Well, first holiday in at least a year... so as of 5pm today - I'm off! Weee! I'll be off to Arran for a short holiday. Unfortunately Shug can't come with, but she can stay with Kai's dad and step-mum at home with the rest of the dogs... but I'll be back... with photos. Possibly even videos :D

So, speak to you when I get back!

Kthxbye! xx

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