Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Farewell IT Crowd, swimmy swimmy and sleepy pups

A sad day yesterday when the BBC let us know that there'll be no more IT Crowd... no more Roy, Moss and Jen.


Maybe I should try switching it off and on again...

I had a lovely evening last night....

I managed to do 52 lengths of the local pool... hooray! Personal best! That's 1300 metres!

I ended up popping in to do an impromptu Cyber-couch hangout with KOMU news in Missouri together with some lovely people, +Chad LaFarge , +Kim Beasley , +Seth Goldstein

To get in the spirit of all things sleepy last night, I posted a piccy of a sleepy puppy (Fred, our bull-boxer when he was a pup) on G+

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