Monday, November 07, 2011

The Amazing Weekend of Birthday Awesome-sauce!

I've really had a wonderful weekend... thanks for the lovely birthday wishes that you sent.

It all pretty much started on Friday.... I had pressies at breakfast, the beautiful flowers from a client (Ta Gemma! xx) and tea Kai and Kennie in the office made for me in near constant supply while I was at work.

Friday evening started off by getting ready to go out, then popping onto hangouts to say hi (I did promise!)

Of which, the guys basically had a mini party and let me take over the hangout - Lol

I then headed on out to Stirling, meeting up with some of my best friends in the Kilted Kangaroo (that's the

place in the piccy) and then onto a club/pub called Cult. I managed to borrow my friends iPhone4 and jump

onto a hangout... thus, this happened:

We had an amazing night, ending up stargazing up by Stirling Castle before being run home by my very, very

generous and amazing big brother Andrew. Unfortunately, Kai broke his iPhone... booo!

So... that was the actual birthday... Saturday ended up with Kai and I running around Falkirk trying to find

me a new pair of shoes (since I managed to maim my good boots the night before) and then heading through to

Haddington... I've done a super-short vlog on youtube to thank people for the brilliant messages.

We went out for dinner and had a fabulous time (apart from trying to break in the new shoes)... we enjoyed

watching the fireworks on the way home (Nov 5th is Bonfire Night - AKA Guy Fawkes night. ( )

Sunday consisted of being fed an enormous breakfast by Kai's step-dad Chris (which was amazing, thanks Chris!) driving back home and then visiting my mum... organising what's happening at Christmas! (huzzah! I love Chrimbo!) Saw my brother, Sis-in-law and two beautiful nieces while I was out at Mums... My brother Andrew said he had the kit to fix Kai's phone, so we got it off him and fixed Kai's phone! Yey!

We went off and saw In Time at the cinema... a couple of hours of very good entertainment (I thought the idea of it was so clever)

Then headed back and watched Misfits on Channel 4 and something else while I attempted to shove up that video on youtube for you...

But thanks again everyone for being a fairly chunky part of my birthdayness! xx

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