Friday, July 08, 2011


So.... Google+... If you haven't heard about it by now, Google's new social networking section - you've probably been under a rock.
But I am one of the lucky ones that managed to get a Google+ invite a few days ago - so I thought I'd let you guys have a little look around my little section of Google+.
That shiny +Dolidh (or whatever your username is) appearing on the top bar of Google when you're logged in is pretty unobtrusive to the searching of Google.
Clicking on the +Dolidh link sends you off to your own Stream.
Circles allow you to add friends into groups and share specific messages to specific circles. The other nifty thing about circles are that people can't tell what circle you've put them in, so you can share more personal stuff in friends and family circles - yet leaving aquaintances out of the loop... improving your security and general well being. I love.
To add someone to a circle, hit the circles button at the top, search for the Name or Email address of the friend you want to put somewhere, then drag and drop them into the circle of your choice. Easy peasy. You can even create new circles - like the one I did with my twitter friends :

The Stream lets you see everyone in all of your circles posts - whether it be video's, images, text (kinda like status in facebook) and notification of live or who's been using hangouts.
Hangouts are basically video-call chat rooms. Of which I'm loving right now. You can add either specific people to your hangout, make it just a couple of circles or make it public so that anyone that isn't in any of your circles can nip into your hangout.
I'll get a picture up for you as soon as I get another hangout up and running ^_^
This is super easy to share youtube clips, links and pictures and easy to keep real life and work seperate. But for the moment, good luck on getting an invite - as google are only sparingly giving them out.

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