Friday, July 29, 2011

Rampage Networking and the Worlds Longest Hangout

After a full afternoon of taking apart my network in the house (yes, it's big because we have the business machines connected as well as all the technology around the house) I finally fixed the issue of non-connectivity in the kenkai office. Not great for a web-based company to lose connection.

Annoyingly, if I'd tried restarting the lan hub at my feet, I think I would have had it sorted a whole lot quicker. *sigh* Oh well, doing tech support for myself isn't nearly as easy as it is for my clients... On the up side, cables are tidy and plugs are now clearly marked for the next time I need to rampage through the house fixing things :)

The weather yesterday was back to Scottish standard... rain, with a side portion of rain. The ducks on the canal would have had a blast... I'm sure.

Anyway - I've been hanging out on the google+ hangouts. I have my regular buddies that pop on and introduce me to new people around the world (who apparently all love the Scottish accent I have) so yesterday, I ended up on the world's longest hangout... so far till now, it's on its 9th day. You can check out the live stream on

Last night I took a turn at being hostess with the mostest... leading conversation towards films, books, music and general chit chat about cultures around the world.

I fact - we even had some musical entertainment - +Jared Mecham and his ukulele and +Christopher Bill... both of which thoroughly entertained us with their party tricks on the instruments. I sang a couple traditional Scottish songs, but next time I might go down the musical route... or I'll get them to pick out a genre of the songs I can sing.

Here's a piccy :) And yes, pip-boy enjoyed the performance too!

Right, I'd better go catch up on some of that work I missed out on yesterday afternoon... tomorrow, if I have some good photos of Jacq's birthday night out tonight, I'll post them up ^_^

Tíoraidh an-drásta! (bye for now!)

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