Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jaclyn's Spectacular Birthday Night Out Extraordinare and Weekend of Real Life!

Well... the weekend of real life kinda ended on Sunday morning.... but yeah.

It was Jax' 23'rd birthday on Friday - so the celebratory night out was required...

I got a gorgeous designer bracelet sent as a gift from the lovely Hayley Menzies ( I promised to blog and show a picture... so ta da!!


So, we started off in Cape and decided we couldn't be bothered with the live band, so headed down to the Kilted Kangaroo... (previously Outback) and basically set up a wee corner of the pub for ourselves and our hijinx. Then off to Dusk nightclub... Tee-he!

There's tons of photos on my flickr account, but really, I'll upgrade to put even more on soon. Here is a small selection of the photos...


Me and Kai


Me and Martin... yes, he likes to lick


Jaclyn, Martin, Mike, Me


Stefan, Jax, Martin (in a state of euphoria apparently) and Moi


Me and Alisdair - he's got some pout!


YMCA fail

I had a wicked time and as designated driver - I had no hangover to get over! Huzzah! Although catching up on sleep - that's another thing completely. It was really nice to see everyone and have a great night out with some brilliant friends.

So... after a fairly short sleep - (6 hours) I headed out to the east coast to Dunbar to visit my big bro (who was on holiday with the wife and kids) and my aunty Linda that lives out there. I took my mum out there and had a lovely road-trip with the nice weather and Katie and dog. Linda's home was idylic... when I retire - I totally want to live somewhere like that!

Saturday Night consisted of Captain America with Kai and Steve! Nothing like comic based American patriotism to cheer up a Saturday night... the patriotic likes of which hasn't been seen since the last series of 24. I loved it. Can't wait for the Avengers film (yes, I waited till the end of the credits to see the trailer)

So once I got home, I focussed on sorting the photos from Friday (just getting rid of red eye and resizing) but today - it's a chill out day - possibly with a bit of Stumbleupon and google+ness and lots of old Smallville.

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