Friday, July 01, 2011

Happy Hair day!

So, after being awake for a rediculous amount of time last night researching Google Merchant stuff (for those that aren't in the know... it's the Shopping Section that Google does)

Anyway, today was my haircut day! Huzzah! To fringe or not to fringe was my question of the day.... photo later on - but yes... I fringed up :)

So last night I completely got so wrapped up in work that I never got the chance to edit the new JustBeautifully vlog on a new product range they're about to launch on the site called IdHair (a group of very yummy smelling hair waxes). So the footage is still on the camera, waiting patiently for me to ramble on about the waxes, post styling Kai's hair.

Oh, since running off to meet up with friends in the last paragraph - the very lovely Steve will be helping me to top-off my hair-styling-wax vlog. Apparently this stuff is amazing - and Steve hair doesn't just defy gravity, it actively enforces it - we'll see who the winner is.

I had a lovely night at Aimee and Chris's... although Everly was already asleep by the time we got over there... I was super naughty and had some ice-cream... totally against my intolerances... but meh... I'm not fussed about being mega spotty right now anyway.

Other than that, not much going on today - just been playing with the quite rightly-awesome Google Plus. If you're on, please join me on
I'm pretty hyped up and in uber geek mode having had just an invite to see what Google Plus is all about. I tried to tell two of my non-techie friends out (at the same time) and they looked at me blankly, telling me how I managed to geek-up their day. It's true that I don't tend to geek-out unless there's something I really really really want, but never expect to get - but this time, I managed to score an invite pretty quick and was up and running by the end of breakfast.
So... Google + or Google Plus as other people refer to it - what's that all about?
Basically, it's a section of google that stores information about you that you want to share.
Elaborating, you can store photos, pictures, statuses and the new format of groups - in the plus, referred to as Circles.
You open up into a Stream of what the people in your circles have been up to quite similarly to Facebook, only for the moment without the annoying Farmville stuff (yes, I'm aware - hypocrite - I play farmville - but with minimal wall crap)
Plus seems not completely polished yet. And they are still restricting the invites - but I can see it going somewhere - even if it's just somewhere new for to pimp out his new youtube vids.
Right, I'm off to sleep before I collapse... although tomorrow, I hope to have at least an hour and a half playing Spore... without anyone objecing.
TĂ­oraidh xx

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