Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Me... and the Microsoft Red Chilli Plant

Well, what's a Microsoft Red Chilli Plant, I hear you ask....
To explain, I need to go a bit further back than the start of the plant story... in the small business we have, we use the Microsoft Action Pack. A great tool for small businesses to be able to essentially rent Microsoft products. Worth its weight in gold really.
Occasionally they send us adverts to new or improved products.
At one point, they sent us a grand looking package... inside was a pebble. Kai decided to cut the microsoft logo from the letter they sent and blue-tac'd it to the stone.
From then on, it has been our pet mascot rock, aptly named Microsoft Stone.

We've had quite a few interesting things sent to us by Microsoft... the most interesting seems to be the Red Chilli Plant seeds (pre-potted in a plant-tube) to promote their product Microsoft Umbraco CMS.

It's taken an age for the little guy to sprout... probably since the office isn't the best place for it to grow... but he's finally got leaves! Huzzah! I'll repot him in a few weeks time. I have no idea why the plant's a he... but he just is. I've still not named him though... Suggestions in the comments!

But I am still looking forward to the next promotional gift we get from Microsoft. They do tend to send something that either gives us a giggle, or at least sparks a little discussion.

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